With today's economy most companies can not survive without stellar performance at all levels. Your challenges may include;
  • Improving the customer experience.
  • Analyzing and improving sales and marketing.
  • Increasing market share.
  • Improving office productivity.
  • Reorganization or empowering teams.
  • Developing, improving, or implementing technology or software.
  • Improving profitability, expanding and reorganizing divisions, offices, or locations.

Successfully overcoming today's challenges is greatly enhanced with balanced and experienced guidance. The balanced approach includes matching business tuning efforts, technical changes, or process improvements with your people, cultural environment, business structures, profitability or other financial requirements, and technical infrastructure. While the primary service offered is project management and implementation, the value comes from the breadth of experience and the ability to be understood and trusted in all parts of the organization.

Understanding the need to change is only the first part of the process. Institutionalizing improvements and preparing the organization to adapt to future challenges provides the long term value. Please give Neil a call or email to discuss his practical approach to analysis, improvement and change.

Breadth of Experience

  • Chief Information Officer; Vice President Operations, Educational Media.
  • Chief Technology Officer; HD Video Studio
  • President; Global Capital Equipment Manufacturer.
  • VP Operations & Finance; International Furniture Manufacturer and Importer.
  • President; Factory Automation Turnkey System Supplier.
  • Planning & Scheduling Project Integration Consulting; multiple off-shore oil platforms.
  • Process Design Consulting; Federal Banking System and Union Maintenance Organizations.
  • Reorganization Consulting, Global R&D; Top 5 Consumer Products.
  • Strategic Planning; Global Helicopter Operator.
  • Supply Chain Consulting; Global Wireless Provider, and Mass Market Office Supplies.
  • Turn-around Consulting; Domestic Furniture Manufacturer, Manufacturing Consulting, and Capital Equipment Manufacturer.
  • Software Requirements Consulting; Federal Banking System and Global Aircraft Operator.
  • Software Engineer; Domestic Grocery Chains, Accounting, MRP, and Industrial Controls.
  • Process Improvement Consulting; Banking, General Office, Insurance, Manufacturing, and Domestic Nuclear Controls.